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-- concessions, we're compromising. and that will put president obama on the defensive to make the big cuts that brad and other republicans want. so it may with just now what you're seeing from chambliss is smart politics. gregg: all right. brad blakeman, juan williams, gentlemen, great to see you both. >> have a great weekend. jenna: well, thanksgiving at halle berry's house turns into a melee, cops were called at the home of the academy award-winning actress. we'll tell you why. gregg: plus, a potential upgrade from the postal service. why you could now receive your packages within hours. ♪ this is how mommy learned... ...and now... you! [ giggles ] ♪ the one and only, cheerios patti ann: a chicago family is celebrating their own thanksgiving miracle. expectant mother jocelyn robinson went to the hospital there yesterday with severe complications from the her pregnancy. after some exams, the doctors gave the mother and father-to-be some devastating news. >> i had to be sort of very honest with her and say we don't have a heartbeat. >> another doctor said, i'm sorry, your baby passed,
evening, everybody. we are now 40 days from the more than $600 billion from automatic spending cuts and tax increases that will take place if lawmakers fail to reach a deal before the end of this year. since president obama's reelection, democrats and republicans have staked out their positions on how to resolve this potential crisis. the president wants higher taxes on the rich, specifically over one half trillion over the next decade. >> what i'm concerned about is not finding ourselves in a situation where the wealthy are not pay more or are paying as much as they should. middle-class families making a difference. lou: house speaker john baena says new revenue should be raised through tax reform, not raising taxes. >> we have talked about this for every year. you can lose all kinds of limitation in doubt. the specifics at this point, would not be conducive to try to come to agree with the white house. lou: who blinks first? we take all that up here tonight. how can the republican party broadened its base following governor romney's defeat? we will be talking with the author of th
republicans to raise taxes the president obama has put forward one dime of spending cuts even accept. or how the reform entitlements, to avoid a debt crisis. gerri: something else, criticizingrover norquist for his note tax pledge. this would point to a fracturing of the republican party in terms of its support for not raising taxes. what do you make of this? does this come as news to you, will this change the face of the republican party? >> points to the fact there's so much pressure here on republicans. the media putting pressure on publicans, completely misplaced. we have a spending problem. no one is focusing on cutting spending. that will continue until john boehner or somebody else says we're not talking about tax increases so we start talking about cutting spending. gerri: obamacare is an expensive entitlement that is brand new and john boehner, speaker of the house, wrote this, we can't afford it. we can't afford to leave it intact. the law has to stay on the table as both parties discuss ways to solve the nation's massive debt challenge. it has been put on the table is yet another
're cutting deductions. can democrats say to president obama and democratic legislators say to their constituents, we said we're going to get to higher taxes with operating brackets. do both sides walk away feeling like they won and ended up better off than they would have otherwise? >> last question to you, kristen. if the gop caves, if you will, on the potential of raising taxes on the wealthy, what kind of attention is there on getting into entitle 78ments and compromising on that? >> reporter: i think the president knows he will have to do that, the question is what will that look like. during the debt ceiling debate last summer one of the ideas that was put on the table was increasing the eligibility rate for medicare, for example. that is sernlly one of the ideas that will be discussed in these negotiations, i'm sure. social security, that is something that harry reed has said he's really not willing to touch. democrats have really seemed to be holding the loin ine on sayi look, we're not going to compromise until they see what republicans put on the table. they're tak
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to the fiscal cliffhanger, we are just weeks away from possibly seeing big spending cuts and tax hikes kicking in, and the big question remains: will lawmakers be able to reach a deal in time? president obama met with congressional leaders last week, another meeting is set for next week, but the two sides are so far apart on taxes and spending cuts is there even hope of bridging the divide? jehmu greene is a former president of the women's media center and a fox news contributor, and didi binky is a former campaign aid to president george w. bush and a gop strategist. thank you both for joining us. >> thank you, heather. heather: so some 800 billion in annual spending cuts and tax increases scheduled to start january 1st, plunging us off this fiscal cliff. what do both sides need to do to come to a compromise? didi, i'll start with you. >> well, actually, heather, here we are again. it feels like groundhog day because we have the government shutdown, fiscal cliff. i mean, washington, d.c. is such a mess, and it's really too bad that we didn't have more change from the election. so what i'm hop
it would seem. nobody wants their medicare or social security benefits cut, and those are the huge drivers of national debt. >> don't forget that barack obama during the so-called grand bargain talks of a year and a half ago put entitlement spending, entitlement cuts on the map. he basically said, look, democrats will talk about raising the age for medicare, for example, social security, you know, all these issues. the problem is, you know, as monica just pointed out, when you have a senator like saxby chambliss not necessarily saying i'm going to raise taxes, but saying i'm not going to be held enthralled to grover norquist or some pledge i signed, i'm going to at least consider it. then you hear from the primary, oh, no, you're getting a primary, you're out of there. how do you compromise from somebody who raises his head and says i'm not going to necessarily do it, i'm just going to talk about it, and all of a sudden you're outta here? >> because, look, both parties have to stand for something. if you flush down the toilet your core principle about not raising taxes on the american peop
in washington dc republicans reached out to president obama in the hope to help our economy grow and solve the debt that threatens our children's future. >> if a deal is not reached on the fiscal cliff tax cuts will expire on january 1st. back to black friday. unfortunately fights already breaking out. this was the scene in indianapolis a few hours ago. police were called in to break up fights. shoppers waited in line to receive vouchers for plasma tvs and learned that some of the people were selling vouchers for profit. and right now, we are going to go with waga who is live with more. good morning and tell us what is happening there and what the scene is like? >> well, no fights here, i can tell you that. a lot of folks having a good time and spending money. we are in the mall ofia and which is the largest mall in the state of georgia and largest mall in the southeast. it opened up at midnight. and few years ago we used to come up here and cover the place and then it moved to four o'clock a.m. and now midnight. they are trying to compete with the big boxes that are opening up earlier and
the egyptian people, th this new president, the second-term president we have, if -- in president obama; going to continue to support the muslim brotherhood and that is happening. there can be no other explanation. if there were, brenda, we cut it off and we tell them, no, you can't do that, there will be no aid unless you rescind the orders. >> we will watch this situation. former c.i.a. operative joins us. >> walmart protesters are demanding change. the union has their back. but does anyone have walmart? [ male announcer ] at scottrade, we believe the more you know, the better you trade. so we have ongoing webinars and interactive learning, plus, in-branch seminars at over 500 locations, where our dedicated support teams help you know more so your money can do more. [ rodger ] at scottrade, seven dollar trades are just the start. our teams have the information you want when you need it. it's anothereason more investors are saying... [ all ] i'm with scottrade. [ male announcer ] are you on medicare? do you have the coverage you need? open enrollment ends friday, december 7th. so don't wait.
to pay more taxes and so that president obama is going to be pushing. you look at the republican side and as you know, many on the house side say we have house republican majority, came here to cut government. we need to replace these sequestration cuts that take place at the same time that the tax cuts expire. these spending cuts are goingo combination with tax cuts that expire of sending us into recession. they say those spending cuts if we're going to replace them, we need to see some numbers. democrats are not coming up with any spending cuts in these preliminary discussion and that's making republicans they say they need spending cuts. at the same time you'll see the white house pushing for an increase in the debt ceiling and republicans say if you want that and the same kitty and deal, you're going to have to cut into entitlements, something democrats resisted to this day. >> a.b. just mentioned entitlements, what are some of the possible areas of compromise here? >> when it comes to entitlements the democrats are saying that the areas ofld not be the entitlements, which we mean
. president obama does not have to do anything. he just needs to sit back and let sequestration take place, let the bush tax cuts expire peering everything worked rate during the bill clinton years -- for eight years we have prosperity, a couple of balanced budgets and the military was a lot smaller, everybody was happy, there were buying tvs and cars and refrigerators. i think president obama -- he holds all four aces in his hand and led it happened -- let it happen. why does that c-span and all the other tv stations -- but i am talking c-span now, why -- president obama has not even been january 20 is when his swearing-in comes in. and we are called already talking about 2016. we haven't even sworn the president and and all we hear about is who is going to be the next president. to me, that is a major problem. that is all i had to say. host: we were reading the paper this morning, the headlines in some of the papers about possible contenders for 2016. but go to twitter. another tweet for you. guest: well, that could certainly factor in but it is not necessarily i think the whole picture.
what obama did when he said he had to make the cut with a higher tax payers. i feel if we take more from the people who have the most and put it into the ones who try to do and i'm not talking about the ones who have nothing going for themselves but the ones who but still have trouble -- you know what i mean? host: brought up a point about taxing wealthier americans -- she brought up a point about taxing wealthy americans? is it broken down when retailers look at how much is expected to be spent? can they determine or predict how much will be spent by the different income levels in this country? guest: they have the possibility of doing so. there was a trend in retail and over the last couple of years where discount retailers do extremely well as well as luxury retailers. on the luxury end, it is not the highest earners purchasing these goods. it is aspirational consumers, folks who are in the middle income bracket or considered middle america and in terms of their taxes are going out there and spending money on these luxury items for the idea one day being in that particular strato
Search Results 0 to 13 of about 14 (some duplicates have been removed)